Hayley Hung

Dr. Hayley Hung

My name is Hayley Hung I am an Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology. I lead the Socially Perceptive Computing Lab where my team and I work on developing novel automated approaches for machines to understand humans as social and emotional beings. We focus primarily on multi-modal multi-sensor fusion approaches to interpret human non-verbal behaviour, and how this plays out in groups.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Collaborative HI Research Pillar Co-Coordinator

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Collaborative HI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 04.VU HI techniques for initiating collaborative behaviour
  • 18.TUD Automated social perception for aiding human-human cooperation in dynamic settings

Research interests: Multimodal Interaction, Human Behavior Understanding, Social Signal Processing, Multi-modal Multisensor Fusion


  • TU Delft

More information: http://homepage.tudelft.nl/3e2t5/