Stefan Schlobach

Dr. Stefan Schlobach

As a knowledge representation person I have always been interested in bringing the rigidity and preciseness of the logical formalisms with the pragmatics of their use by humans. Together with many the other people I have worked hard for many years to get this project up and running in which the Dutch AI community gets together to work on the fantastic combination of Hybrid Intelligence. I will try to contribute as a researcher in several projects, as well as in the Management Team to help make sure that we will collaborate as a team to make this unique project a success.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Adaptive HI, Collaborative HI, Explainable HI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 26. VU Knowledge Representation Formalisms for Hybrid Intelligence, dr. Stefan Schlobach

Research interests:  Knowledge Representation, knowledge graphs, explanation of reasoning, Description Logics, Semantic Web and Linked Data.


  • VU Amsterdam

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