Joost Broekens

Dr. Joost Broekens

I study Artificial Intelligence, in particular Affective Computing and the interaction between humans and socially interactive agents. I am the President of the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC), which is the main international organisation in my research field. I am an associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) of Leiden University, where I am lead of the Affective Computing and Human Robot Interaction group. Finally, I am co-founder and former CTO of Interactive Robotics, enabling students from any age to learn with and from social robots. And I am co-founder and CTO of Daisys.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Core participant

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Explainable HI, Adaptive HI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • tba

Research interests: Modelling of emotions and cognitive appraisal, emotion psychology, human-robot and human-agent interaction.


  • Leiden University

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