Max van Duijn

Dr. Max van Duijn

I have a background in language, literature, and cognitive science. During my PhD (defended 2016; Leiden & Oxford) I integrated traditional linguistic/narrative analysis with the study of Theory of Mind and recursive intentionality (A believes that B thinks that C wants….etc). In 2016 I started working at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, where I became the programme director of the MSc in MediaTechnology and co-founded the Creative Intelligence Lab (together with Dr Tessa Verhoef). Within my NWO Veni project (2020-2023) I create a database of spontaneous fantasy stories told by children at primary schools, in order to map how children of different ages construct characters and represent "fictional minds". My work is published in English and Dutch, in scholarly as well as popular venues.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant

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Research interests: Theory of Mind, recursive intentionality, corpus linguistics, NLP.


  • Leiden University

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