Pradeep Murukannaiah

Ir. Enrico Liscio

I am Enrico Liscio, a PhD researcher at TU Delft under supervision of Catholijn Jonker (UL, TUD) and Pradeep Murukannaiah (TUD). My research focuses on estimating personal values from text: I aim at combining human intuition and Natural Language Processing techniques to identify the abstract high-level motivations that lie behind individual statements. My work is part of the larger project to achieve high-quality online mass deliberation, creating AI-supported tools and environments aimed at transforming online conversations into more constructive and inclusive dialogues.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: : PhD student

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Explainable AI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 03.UL Mining texts for perspectives in human-machine deliberation

Research interests: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Values, Ethics.


  • Delft University of Technology

More information: e.g. personal URL, read these three publications: