Silja Renooij

Dr. Silja Renooij

I am Silja Renooij and I work as an assistant professor in the Intelligent Systems group at Utrecht University's Department of Information and Computing Sciences. The distant goal of my research has always been to find ways to facilitate human involvement in constructing and accepting AI systems. My approach has mostly focussed on studying and exploiting mathematical properties. Within the Hybrid Intelligence project I hope to establish mutual "understanding" between human and AI system.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Participant

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Adaptive HI, Responsible HI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 02.RUG Aligning learning and reasoning systems for responsible HI (with Bart Verheij)
  • 13.UU Monitoring and constraining adaptive systems (with Jakub Tomczak, VU)

Research interests: Probabilistic Graphical Models: construction and explanation, robustness analysis; understanding model/algorithm behaviour from its theoretical properties.


  • Utrecht University

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