Ibo van de Poel

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ibo R. van de Poel

I am Ibo van de Poel, a professor in ethics and technology. My research focuses on responsible innovation, value-sensitive design and how to take values of moral importance into account in the design of new technologies. With respect to AI I am interested in better understanding the fundamental philosophical differences between AI and humans and the implications for the design of systems in which human and AI cooperate, e.g. systems that support moral judgments.

Roles in Hybrid Intelligence: Co-coordinator of the Responsible HI research line

Hybrid Intelligence Research Lines: Responsible HI


Hybrid Intelligence Projects:

  • 1 How can AI support human moral judgment?

Research interests: Engineering ethics, the moral acceptability of technological risks, design for values, responsible innovation, moral responsibility in research networks, ethics of newly emerging technologies, new technologies as social experiment, value change.


  • TU Delft

More information: https://www.tudelft.nl/tbm/over-de-faculteit/afdelingen/values-technology-and-innovation/people/full-professors/profdrir-ir-ibo-van-de-poel/